A Little About Me

I’m Seth, a nurse anesthetist (hopefully reading the blog doesn’t put you to sleep!) with a passion for money and being smart with it. 

Practicing an emergent cricothyroidotomy on a simulation mannikin.

My financial savviness started as a 5 year old. Back when the Sunday newspaper was thick, I’d page through the ads and cut coupons. As I aged, it progressed to saving my babysitting money and getting my first job. I took the money I saved and invested it during the Great Recession. Fast forward 10 years (and phenomenal market returns) – I graduated debt free with a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice.

As a former volunteer EMT, I worked alongside incredible police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. I saw how the demanding nature of helping people in a time of crisis impacts our heroes. I hope this blog allows you to meet your financial goals by providing:

  • Unbiased and practical investment information
  • Cool tips to save you money 
  • Financial security through planning for life’s unexpected events
Thankful for the service our law enforcement and flight team provided on this 911 call!

What topic would you like me to discuss? Want to talk money or have a question? Shoot me an email!